The Executive Board of The Society for Philosophy and Technology (, an international society of scholars from 43 countries, wishes to underscore its unwavering commitment to an open and collaborative global environment for research and the exchange of ideas. Our Society’s mission demands that we express our strong objections to the executive order issued on January 27, 2017 by the government of the United States, as well as any future political actions that may arbitrarily and without justification obstruct the free movement and collaborative activity of our members, and that of many other researchers around the world.

The flourishing of our planet, and the lives it supports, is increasingly dependent on the global cultivation of collective human wisdom: the ability of diverse peoples and communities to work together to promote informed, future-oriented and ethical choices about the best uses of our technological and political powers. We believe that the executive order, and the harms that may follow it, pose a great danger to this critical task for humanity. We stand with the many other societies and institutions worldwide who call upon the political leadership of the United States to rescind the executive order of January 27, and to honor and uphold international norms of scientific cooperation, free exchange of ideas, and principled pursuit of truth, which have never been more critical for the future of our species and our planet.