Welcome to the philosophy of technology portal of the Society for Philosophy and Technology (SPT). This portal provides an overview of the international interdisciplinary areas of research in which the SPT and its members are involved.

What is the Philosophy of Technology?

John P. Sullins, SPT Secretary/Treasurer: “Technology is philosophy actualized.  Since technology does not arise solely from nature, its existence relies on the values, knowledge, and desires of individuals and groups.  The Philosophy of Technology is not only the study of this phenomenon, but also the search for how we might design new technologies that promote the best values and philosophical ideas we have to offer.”

Neelke Doorne, Techné Co-Editor In Chief: “Philosophy of Technology is the study of how our world is shaped by the presence of technology. Technologies enable us to do certain things we could not have done without technology. Additionally, technologies have an influence on how we perceive our world, both in terms of general knowledge but also in terms of moral values. In the last years, the philosophy of technology has increasingly focused on how technologies can be designed such that they promote the best values.”


Biomedical and biological technologies
Environmental technologies
Information and computer technology, AI and new media
Space technology