On behalf of HTA, the international Society for Philosophy and Technology would like to encourage submissions to the following Call for Papers.

Call for Papers (Deadline September 1, 2016)

Salve Regina University, Newport, RI

Morality and Creativity in a Technological Age

03 – 06 NOVEMBER 2016

We are happy to announce the call for papers for the 38th annual Humanities and Technology Association Conference. The main track for this year’s conference will be a continuation of last year’s theme: Morality and Creativity in a Technological Age. Though the pursuit of the good and the beautiful is in some ways timeless, the impact which technology has come to have on contemporary society forces us to confront new moral challenges while presenting us with the opportunity to create works of art that alternately augment and contrast with the world of our machines. The traditional fields of ethics and aesthetics are thus cast in a new light, one which this meeting will continue to explore.

Along these lines, papers are welcome that examine any number of ethical and/or aesthetic topics. Possible topics include the ethical coding of technologies; the ethics of gene technology and human engineering; the use of GMOs, questions of food security, and food sovereignty, along with questions of social and political philosophy, such as how technology influences our sense of being human, how it enhances or threatens economic well-being, or how drones and other technologies influence war, and whether they even threaten the very possibility of still engaging in a just war.

Running alongside these ethical challenges is the potentially redemptive power of art. How might art humanize the oftentimes dehumanizing world of modern technology? What role might it play in a world of machines and devices? How can the pursuit of the beautiful today inspire or otherwise clarify the pursuit of the good?

In addition to encouraging the publication of articles from the conference in the Humanities and Technology Review, talks on the main topic may also be solicited for inclusion in an edited volume on Morality and Creativity in a Technological Age. However, to allow for as broad of a range of scholars as possible at the conference, papers and panel suggestions are also accepted that examine other vital issue areas at the juncture of technology and society, such as politics and social life, representations of technology, artificial intelligence, and technology and education. The Humanities and Technology Association is an interdisciplinary scholarly society that explores the impact of technology on human life from a broad range of perspectives. We welcome papers that investigate the cultural interaction of the humanities, science, engineering, and technology.

Submission Information:

Please submit an abstract (approximately 500 words) by 1 September 2016 to the conference website at http://htaconference.salvereginablogs.com/call-for-papers/. You will be asked to include basic biographical information such as your affiliated institution, your position at this institution, and your contact information. Graduate student submissions are welcome.

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