The conference intends to bring together philosophers, scholars, artists, designers, and engineers in order to foster dialogue and creative collaborations around the interactions between humans, technologies, and society. As has been emphasized by several authors (e.g. Ihde, Haraway, Feenberg, Vallor, Latour, Verbeek), we cannot uphold strict distinctions between humans and technologies. As human beings, we are always interwoven with technologies in our daily practices. This conference aims to reflect on the consequences of this idea in philosophy, ethics, science, sociology, design, art, politics, anthropology, engineering, etc.

We welcome abstract submissions for posters, papers, panels, and workshops:

  • Papers – abstract 250 words, and up to three keywords [20 minutes talk, 10 minutes for discussion].
  • Panel proposals – can consist of up to 4 abstracts (see above), should include a general description (200 words) and the CV of participants and organiser.
  • Posters – abstract 250 words, and up to three keywords. (Master students only, there will be a poster competition) .
  • Workshops – description of 250 words, specific requirements.
Abstracts, along with a short CV, should be sent to
Deadline for submission of abstracts: February 15, 2018

For an extended call for papers and description of the conference, please, visit

The conference is organized and financially supported by The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) Project Theorizing Technological Mediation, led by prof. dr. ir. Peter-Paul Verbeek.

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